Swimming Pool Covers & Rollers

Dont spend more time cleaning and maintaining your pool than you do enjoying it.

You deserve more time to relax, and swim then you do cleaning. Swimming Pool Covers and Rollers are a must for most pool owners.

Whether you’re looking to reduce the evaporation of your pool water or to keep leaves, dirt and debris out of your pool, or even to maintain your pool’s temperature, Aquagardman can help with a quality pool cover and roller to suit. Options include thermal covers, leaf & debris covers, solar covers or winter covers. Keep your pool protected and healthy all year round. We can drop in and measure and discuss the best options for you. Call Aquagardman now…

Swimming Pool Covers can help your pool

  • reduce the maintenance on your pool
  • increase your swimming season
  • less water top ups
  • less chemical usage
  • less heater usage

Call today and Aquagardmanwill be there to help…