Pool Pumps

The pump is often described as the heart of the swimming pool. The pumps purpose is to circulate water through the pools plumbing system and all related equipment such as a filter, heater, or chlorinator.

There are many different types of pumps, all of which are designed for different functions and purposes. Single speed pumps, dual speed pumps, Variable speed pumps, solar pumps are a few common examples relating to swimming pools.

It is important to select the correct pump to perform the specific task required so all of your pool equipment works at their optimum level to leave your pool clean, safe and with minimum hassle and maintenance running costs.

You can trust Aquagardman to ensure that you receive the correct advice in selecting the ideal pump for your pool. Not being tied to a brand allows us to offer you any brand of pump ensuring it’s correct for your pool. Astral, Hayward, Emaux, H2Flo, Davey and Pentair are just some of the brands available from Aquagardman. We also specialise in repairing and maintaining pool pumps and therefore will not replace your pump unnecessarily.