Pool Lighting

Brighten Up Your Night with Stunning Pool Lights

Your swimming pool adds beauty and design to your house and yard. Lighting it up at night not only creates a stunning effect but also allows you to use the pool safely after dark.

There are many options for pool lights and it can be very confusing when choosing. Aquagardman can help you make the best decision for you both in terms of cost and effectiveness.

Types of Pool Lights

Swimming pool lighting has changed im many ways in recent years thanks to new technologies. There are two main types of lighting that are used in and around swimming pools. Energy efficiency and related costs are major considerations when choosing the right type of lighting for your pool. In the past, incandescent bulbs were the only option butthey are no longer used due to the higher running costs also they tended to require replacing quite often.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen bulbs have replaced incandescent bulbs as the main standard type of pool lighting. They last longer, and used much less energy. They also cut down the time required for pool maintenance, as they needed replacing less often.

Halogen bulbs can cost twice as much as incandescent bulbs, so they are a little more pricey and they can also required fairly regular replacing.

LED Lighting

LED technology has revolutionized swimming pool lighting. They are cost-effective, clean, and long-lasting. LED lights have the ability to produce the same amount of light as old 100W halogen bulb while using only 6W of power.

LED lighting is more environmentally friendly and they last much, much longer, so your pool will require far less maintenance. LED lighting has become the standard type of lighting used for new swimming pools in Australia.

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