Pool Filters

Using the human body analogy, if the pump is the heart of the pool, the Pool Filter works like our kidneys. Their primary role is to capture any dirt, algae, bacteria or unwanted matter from the pool to help reduce the opportunity of harmful bacteria to grow, as well as keep the Pool Water clean and beautiful. With filters, size does matter and should be sized according to the size and bather load of the pool.

The two most common Pool filters used in Australian swimming pools are Sand and Cartridge Pool Filters.

Sand Filters / Media Filters

Sand Filters simply work by trapping unwanted debris via water flowing through the body of the filter which is commonly filled with sand, glass, zeolite or other patented materials. They are the most popular filter system as they are easy to operate and generally robust.

Eventually, the filtration process causes the filter to be clogged up with debris and impurities and requires cleaning. Typically, the filter’s pressure gauge will indicate that the filter may require cleaning. The process used to clean Sand Filters is called Back-washing. The pool water is reversed through the filter and out to waste until it is restored to the required efficient cycle.

Cartridge Pool Filters

Cartridge Pool Filters contain a replaceable filtration cartridge or element inside the filter’s housing instead of sand or glass. Cartridge filters cannot be back-washed therefore the filter cartridge must be removed and washed and cleaned with a hose or pressure washer.

Cartridge Filters are popular with tight installations and are the best solution in areas where backwashing is not suitable or possible.

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