Pool Cleaners

All pool owners love using their pools, at least until it comes to cleaning. Investing in a pool cleaner is a great way to reduce cleaning times, and help keep your pool in pristine condition. Picking the right pool cleaner for you and your pool is and important decision.

Aquagardman are specialists in pool equipment and can help you identify and choose the best pool cleaner for your needs.

Three Different Types of Pool Cleaners

There are 3 basic types of pool cleaners: suction, hand-held rechargeable and robotic pool cleaners. There are pros and cons for each of them but rest assured that Aquagardman can help you decide on your best option.

Suction Cleaners

A suction based cleaner works with the suction line in your pool and connects directly to your pool’s skimmer. Suction cleaners use the filter pump’s suction to propel itself around the pool and in doing so collects dirt and debris from the pool’s surface. Suction cleaners are generally more affordable than pressure or robotic cleaners.

Hand-held Rechargeable Cleaners

A hand-held rechargeable cleaner is convenient and easy to use and install.  They can thoroughly takes out debris, dirt, algae, and other foreign matter to help keep your pool’s water sparkling clean.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are probably the best of the three. Robotic pool cleaners are self powered and work independent of your pool’s other equipment.

Robotic pool cleaners plug into an electrical outlet and convert the voltage down to around 24V to allow them to be safely immersed in the pool. This leaves your pressure pump free for other uses.

Some robotic cleaners, as well as collecting dirt and debris from the pool floor, will also scrub the walls and the floor, reducing the amount of work for you need to do to have a beautiful pool.

Robotic pool cleaners are usually the better choice, however, their strengths mean they are the most expensive of the 3 types of cleaners.

Traditional pool cleaners may cost you more money over time because they use your pool filter or pump to operate. Robotic pool cleaners operate on low-voltage electricity!