Green Pool Recovery

Is your pool water looking green or murky..?

If your pool starts to become cloudy or has turned green, it’s time to take action. At Aquagardman we have seen it all and know the best and most cost effective solutions to revive your pool and return it to being sparkling clean and healthy, so you and your family can enjoy swimming again in no time.

Causes of a green pool

Chlorine levels too low – chlorine kills bacteria and algae. Incorrect levels of chlorine can quickly result algae growth and turn your pool water green. Chlorine levels will diminish over time due to UV exposure, high temperatures, heavy rainfall, water loss and regular use. We strongly advise to have your pool water tested regularly with a quality test kit.
pH too high – Algae thrive in a high pH environment. High pH levels causes the chlorine to become ineffective. The weather, oils from bodies, sunscreens and others can affect the pool water balance and contribute to a high pH.


Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that your pool equipment is working optimally and helps combat algae growth.

Every situation differs in some way – for the best and fastest results, green pools require individual expert assessment to best identify the root cause and create an effective treatment plan. Aquagurdman can help restore your pool to crystal clear in no time at all – call us today

Our Service usually entails:

  • proper assessment of the situation
  • perform any repairs to equipment as required
  • pool shocked and foreign materials scooped up and removed from the pool
  • pool flocked (special chemical added) and left to settle
  • pool vacuumed
  • pool treated for stains and remaining dirt and debris removed
  • equipment serviced – eg, filter replaced if required
  • pool water tested, serviced and re-balanced
  • clean & healthy and ready for use in xxx time after initial service